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THIS is why I hate 13 - 14 year olds. These kids are fucking disgusting, I’m so freaking angry and I shouldn’t get angry. BUT ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!!?!?!?! Most of these idiots are using her weight as an insult, really? Really? That is the WORST thing you could do, also joking about rape. A lot of people on the internet want these kids dead, and sure I don’t give a shit if they die because THEY are the reason why I hate this generation. If anyone uses weight as an insult - YOU are disgusting, YOU are the reason why I hate people. I’m so fucking angry, I just want someone to die, preferably these kids.

Goddamn children of the fucking corn.

Normally I am not one to advocate violence, but seriously, a good drop kicking is in order.


I’m not a violent person either but… I would kick these kids’ asses… I’m pretty sure this lady would stick up for me to the cops too >_>
Little Bastards…